This was a COLD night in December 2007 when we shot this commercial for the new "I D" Discovery Channel launch.  Eric was shooting on his Panasonic w/ Red Rock adaptor and high shutter speed rate.  We had been using his camera system for a couple of years now and I knew what to expect as far a my fStop math and formulating equipment for this shoot.  

We were shooting in multiple locations but the biggest set up was under a bridge in down town Atlanta one cold night.  I had to work off the math basis of the camera shooting at 40 ASA / ISO, WOW !!.  We had had enough light to light up several square blocks,.. 18k HMIs, MaxiBRUTES, 6K HMI pars, and multiple Gennerators..

I had a great Crew and it turned out very nice..

Investigation Discovery Launch from Raygun on Vimeo.