CWP shoots advertising campaign for Panoz Auto Developement in early March of 2008.  These are some of the composites I have been building for Panoz Auto Developement (PAD for short)..

  I LOVE shooting composite photography because it really makes you think technically.  You have to really understand light and how it works, shadows and exposure are very critical to making and image blend together with no seems and obvious flaws. 

All of these images are built as composites in Photoshop.  The auto was shot in a studio and the highway shots were shot off the front of a camera SUV through down town Atlanta or parking garages late at night...

this is the normal car shot in a studio.. I knew what the highway lighting was going to be like, so I lit this car in the same way.. 

you have to paint out the bad... add some moving wheels and tires.. that was about 8 hours of photoshop painting..

add some highway movement..
FINAL version 1

FINAL version 2

this is my favorite...
lets throw on some 20" wheels .. and add some Brembo brakes....
then a parking garage... a little painting and 24 hours later..