1987 was the year I found this career.  I started as a Grip, its in my blood. 

35 Years in the film and TV world.  
I have worked on @ 15 feature films from Driving Miss Daisey up to Road Trip and Sweet Home Alabama.

30+ Music Videos with MTV's TOP Music Video Directors
Joseph Kahn, Dave Meyers, Chris Robinson

100s of TV Shows.. 300 live WCW Wrestling Shows, "Dinner and a Movie", "Cartoon Fridays", TV series like "Savannah" and"Heat of the Night"
1000s of commercials - Coke, Home Depot, NASCAR, Target, Delta

recently:  2013+

Key Grip for Crazy Legs Productions:  "Swamp Murders" @20 episodes "Your Worst Nightmare" @10 episodes: Discovery Channel

Key Grip:  commercials - Ga Power, State Farm, The Weather Channel, NASCAR, Fancy Rhino, Quaker State, Nathan Deal, Pillsbury TLC, Cartoon Network, TNT "Dallas", Airheads candy

     PHIL DILLON : DP    project:  AIR HEADS   



project:  AIR HEADS


The behind the scenes shots:


June of 2010, DJ Roller of Liquid Pictures hires me to build a camera lifting device to go on the back of a 55' Hatteras fishing yacht.   The 3D iMax camera that we are using weighs almost 600lbs with the housing.  To make things even MORE of a challenge, ALL the gear has to be flown to a remote island in the Bahamas.   ABSOLUTELY NO stores or equipment on the island so everything has to be built to spec, assembled in Atlanta, trouble shot for all foresight issues, shipped and flown by cargo plane to the island..

The Rig worked flawlessly !!

DJ ROLER : DP - Liquid Pictures / NEXTVR