Most NASCAR race tracks have a modern or TV friendly "Victory Lane".   That means there is a WIDE pull through with PLENTY of room for the Winning Team, Car, Sponsors, TV Media, Photographers, AND oooo YEAH... our show "NASCAR VICTORY LANE". 

But honestly most of them need a lot of work..

Martinsville Speedway has barely enough room for actual racing series and the supporting People and safety equipment.  they call it the paperclip because of its appearance. 

With this in mind, we have to stage ALL of our equipment in a vacant Pit Box. Then wait until the end of the race, the Winning Driver does his victory dance, and then for NASCAR Officials to give us the "OK" sign to jump the wall and do our thing.  I have just about 10 minutes to get the scene lit for our live show..

That is the generator placed, cabled, lights up, metered,  and focussed..

Fontanta and Michigan both have their "Victory Lanes" out in the grass in front of the spectators.  The SPEED crew has to wait in golf carts and then drive up the front stretch on the track out to our location...

after that we have our fun rolling stage "Victory Lane" which are the AllStar Race in Charlotte, Richmond #2, and the FINALE in Miami..

Our rolling stage is set up behind a Kenworth tractor and we are pulled around the race track toour landing position right at the start finish line.  This is always the BEST looking shows of the year.

Thats is Tony winning a MILLION BUCKS... He's a happy guy.

Jimmie Johnson winning his 4th Cup Championship in a row in Miami...

This particular show I was using LED lighting for the first time on our rolling stage.  We were able to shoot the show as we drove around the track with the lighting being properely balanced.  The previous years we had to wait until we stopped and parked, then we hooked the power up to the Gennie and turned lighting "on".

 Whats next ?!?